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How to prepare for an interview: Roar AmbitionTop Tips

How to prepare for an interview: Roar Ambition’s Top Tips

Our Managing Director, Jamie Talbot, discusses how to best prepare for an interview. He gives his 5 top tips to help candidates make a great impression to help secure a great career:

Image – ‘Image is key as it contributes to your first impression. Physical appearance is one aspect and the other is how you come across. So plan what you’re going to wear (You don’t need to go out and spend hundreds of pounds on new outfits but just look presentable and professional). Coming across as friendly and positive always makes a big difference. For ourselves and a lot of huge companies in this generation, the company culture now tends to be more open, friendly and exciting so matching this is key.’

Questions – ‘If you have questions make sure they’re positive and focused not just on now but also potential bigger opportunities, company growth, culture and work environment. For ourselves, these things are what we are built upon, so we like questions based on these things. But don’t feel like you need to ask a million questions in an interview as normally an interview is also there for a company to give you more information as well, not just for you to impress. We look at an interview like it’s also our job to show why we’re different and exciting from most other companies.’

Visit all of the companies social media platforms – ‘Especially Facebook and Instagram, and also the website. Go through as much of the website as possible to give you more of a feel for the company and culture. The social media platforms are great, as you can see current events, what’s going on within the company currently, and again, to really get a feel for the company culture and values. Don’t be scared to like or follow the company beforehand!’

Make a good impression on everyone you come into contact with within the company – ‘Whether it be team members, receptionists, back-end staff, cleaners, anyone, always try and make a great impression on everyone. The chances are if you do they may speak to the recruitment team or Managing Director and mention you which will always help your case when looking to secure a position!’

Just be yourself! Don’t try to plan too much or over-prepare as then you won’t be able to show you as you! Be relaxed, be honest, be yourself and you’ll be surprised how well this will work! Everyone likes genuine people!

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