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Lack of emotional intelligence causing businesses and health to suffer, claims Roar Ambition.

Lack of Emotional Intelligence causing Businesses to Suffer, claims Roar Ambition

Liverpool-based sales and marketing experts Roar Ambition understand that having increased emotional intelligence (EQ) will go a long way in making it easier to connect with others in 2018 and beyond. The firm asserts that many people today find it more challenging to connect with new people, peers or the general public outside their own bubble.

Roar Ambition believes that the human race today is often guilty of forgetting that the person on the other end of an email, phone or text message has feelings. This is most notably seen on social media through ‘trolling’, where an individual can post a somewhat inappropriate or rude remark about another and have little to no remorse at all, often forgetting all about it.

It’s often documented that the smartest individuals academically don’t always make the pool of the most successful individuals. Having a high IQ is not enough to guarantee success, within a company or the business world – or on the whole for that matter. In order to thrive and be sustainable, more focus must be placed on the soft side of the human capital.

It is with this in mind that Roar Ambition has learned a number of ways in which EQ can have the most impact within a business rather than focusing on IQ in trying to increase the productivity of the workforce:

  1. It affects physical health – once emotions have failed to be managed correctly, this is going to cause considerable stress. This is subsequently harmful to the business, as it’s amazing how stress can have such a negative impact on performance. It can cause high blood pressure, a weak immune system and has a significant impact on the risk of heart attacks. Having a good dose EQ can go a long way in helping to neutralise any stressful situations.
  1. It has a major effect on mental health – recent studies from the world health organisation have shown that over 350 million people worldwide suffer various forms of depression, and it is often women who are more likely to be diagnosed than men. With this in mind, the results show that it’s almost a given that relationships at work will be challenged as well as the standard of work that is produced. Having a strategy in place that supports emotional intelligence has been demonstrated to show improved levels of mental health.
  1. It improves conflict resolution – Being able to openly talk about feelings or understand the way in which someone is feeling can help massively when it comes to conflict resolution. Dale Carnegie an expert in self-improvement and corporate training once said, “when dealing with people, let us remember we are not dealing with creatures of logic. We are dealing with creatures of emotions, creatures bristling with prejudices and motivated by pride and vanity.”

When incorporating EQ, its absolutely imperative to listen, talk and resolve conflicts in a way that involves a more sensitive and productive manner than previously used.

“We are all humans, we are sentient beings able to perceive and feel things. Things aren’t always black and white – there is grey. At Roar Ambition, we understand this. As a firm, we know that everyone is an individual and works in different ways. It’s key that we understand what makes people tick and develop a strategy that is going to help the business but more importantly gets the best out of the individual. After all, we don’t have a business without our people, and I’m very proud of the structure we have in place here,” stated a company spokesperson.

Roar Ambition connects with consumers on a daily basis. They work closely with their clients to understand their needs and their goals and together, with their ambitious teams, they create personalised campaigns which reflect these needs and make them a reality.

The firm’s mission is to connect with as many ideal consumers as possible, on behalf of their clients’ brands in order to increase their sales results and acquire quality consumers.


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