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‘Liverpool's High Street is Thriving’ declares Roar Ambition

‘Liverpool’s High Street is Thriving’ declares Roar Ambition

“Liverpool is dominating the high street across the UK, and it just fuels our belief that consumers value face-to-face interactions above anything else,” declares Roar Ambition.

Liverpool is often depicted as a northern powerhouse, and Liverpool BID company has recently released figures on their high street footfall, proving that face-to-face interactions in Liverpool are amongst the best in the nation. Sales and marketing specialists Roar Ambition have placed this down to high levels of customer service across the region.

Figures have found that the city has been going against the national average – observing that sales on the city’s high street have grown month on month over the last year. The city has received a staggering 6.7 percent year-on-year increase on footfall across high street retailers in comparison to 2017.

The UK high street has seen a lot of bad press over the last twelve months with a number of retail giants closing down and making redundancies. However, the latest figures in our city prove that the people of Liverpool still value those face-to-face interactions. Here at Roar Ambition we believe that our northern charm and strong focus on customer service across the region has a significant effect on this,” stated a spokesperson for the company.

Roar Ambition specialises in face-to-face interactions, acknowledging that in-person marketing provides a unique element to modern society. As the retail sphere continues to evolve and incorporate developing technology the firm believes that in-person sales are becoming more vital than ever before. Studies show that all generations, with a strong emphasis on the millennial age group value interacting with sales representatives in a physical environment.

The millennial generation is not only dominating the jobs market, but theyre also the largest demographic in the consumer sphere – its imperative for businesses to monitor this age group and recognise their needs and wants. Studies show that face-to-face interactions are more sought after than ever before, and the Liverpool High Street is heading those lessons. Were excited to see which city across the UK will follow our example,concluded the company spokesperson.

As a direct sales and marketing agency based in Liverpool, Roar Ambition connects with consumers on a daily basis. The firm works closely with their clients to understand their needs and goals. The business creates personalised campaigns which reflect these needs and makes them a reality.


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