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Roar Ambition on how confidence can make you a world class entrepreneur

Roar Ambition on how confidence can make you a world class entrepreneur

Roar Ambition recently hosted a morning meeting with their team of contractors to discuss how to develop the confidence needed to be the best version of themselves.

The sales and marketing industry is famously competitive and Roar Ambition believe individuals who work within it must work continuously towards improving and maintaining a student-mentality, in order to evolve as working professionals. The company firmly advocate the power that lies in an individual’s ability to discover their own fierce determination and motivation to obtain future success. In the recent meeting, the firm argued in favour of establishing a strong desire for professionals to overcome any obstacles they may come across to become the very best versions of themselves.

Roar Ambition consider confidence to be one of the most important attributes of any individual hoping to succeed in other important areas such as building a network, pushing beyond current performances or being more competitive with one another. In an attempt to master these areas individuals must develop an unshakeable self-confidence in themselves, says the firm.

During the recent team meeting, Managing Director Jamie Talbot outlined his top tips for contractors looking to gain a powerful sense of confidence:

  1. Enter a state of positivity

Becoming positive or entering an optimistic frame of mind allows an individual to become receptive to new ideas. From there, one can repeat the desired characteristics almost like a ritual. Through a state of constant repetition; maintaining a positive outlook is more easily achieved.

  1. Focus on the desired goal

When tasks that are not aligned with a goal come along, try to ignore them completely. It is better to attach the idea of confidence to oneself and feel the accompanying pride. When attempting to achieve goals, one should feel confident in first being able to realise their end goal, however long that may take.

  1. Put yourself first

This is an important point for many reasons. Two key things tend to pull a person’s confidence down; ourselves and others. We should make ourselves and how we feel the centre-point for our actions and decisions. In this sense, there will be more positivity behind the actions that we take or even refusing the actions to be taken, e.g. there is a story of how Sylvester Stallone turned down the equivalent of $1 million for the script for Rocky, telling the studio it would only work if he played Rocky. A risky move but the eventual reality was hugely worthwhile for the actor. Having the confidence to do this, paid off.

Roar Ambition regularly discusses the success of others with their workforce so as to inspire the young professionals to find creative ways to break through the sales and marketing industry themselves. The firm believe the stories of others allow aspiring entrepreneurs to understand success is not an impossible feat if they truly put their mind to it.

Roar Ambition is a direct sales and marketing agency based in Liverpool. The group connect big brands with their target consumers using exciting marketing campaigns. The firm conduct on-field research to create direct marketing solutions with a guaranteed ROI for their clients.


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