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Roar Ambition Explores Common Networking Sins

Roar Ambition Explores Common Networking Sins

As a business that frequently defines the importance of networking and forming business connections, Roar Ambition has turned their attention on advising professionals on what not to do.

“Networking is essential in many industries, and particularly the sales and marketing sector. As a company, we have been to numerous networking events and have often seen many networking faux pas, that ultimately won’t result in a follow-up call,” stated a spokesperson for Roar Ambition.

In a quest to continue to educate the aspiring entrepreneurs of the nation, Roar Ambition has outlined what not to do at networking events;

Don’t be too self-involved

Many networking newbies often make the mistake of talking about themselves too much, over what they can offer the other person. It is essential to engage others in conversation topics about their services and history, contends Roar Ambition.

Don’t socialise with those you work with

The aim of networking events is to meet other professionals from a variety of backgrounds, industries and experience.

“Many young professionals go into networking events and spend too long with those from their business, due to the comfort. However, it’s imperative to push yourself out of that comfort zone, we encourage all young businessmen and women to branch out,” continued the spokesperson.

Don’t go in unprepared

Roar Ambition explores the importance of pinpointing goals and objectives before going to each event, recognising what the desired results are. The firm advises and encourages their aspiring professionals to go into a networking environment with a solid plan as to not be caught ‘unawares’ and unproductive.

Don’t forget engaging conversations

Roar Ambition guides their professionals in the art of conversation, recognising that meaningful conversations are crucial to building a rapport with other business professionals. A common mistake many people make is an overbearing sense of pride or confidence, which often results in one-sided interactions.

Roar Ambition revolves around motivation and a determination to succeed. The Liverpool-based company is leading the sector in the direct marketing scene of the north and are eager to ensure that their representatives are well equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed.


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