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What Roar Ambition Learnt from the Mayweather McGregor Fight

What Roar Ambition Learnt from the Mayweather McGregor Fight

Following one of the most highly anticipated boxing matches in the last ten years, between UFC fighter Conor McGregor and boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jnr., the sales and marketing specialists at Roar Ambition have been discussing what lessons can be learned from the epic sporting event.

Roar Ambition believes business ownership and sportsmanship have a surprising number of similarities. Both, leading a business and engaging professionally in sports, requires consistent hard work, dedication, sacrifice, unwavering work ethic and a burning ambition to rise above the competition to make it to the top. Climbing to the highest point and staying there is no easy task. It requires significant effort to research and create the necessary steps to build an empire, whether it is within the business or sporting world.

During the post match press conference, Mayweather talked about how he made boxing his number one priority over everything, removing all other distractions from his life in order to reach the point where is now. Roar Ambition believe more businesses should follow Mayweather’s example, committing to being the very best at what they do and eradicating the competition. The sales and marketing collective firmly believe good leaders must possess the same commitment, focus and discipline demonstrated by world renowned athletes like Mayweather and McGregor, if they hope to drive their business to reach epic levels of success.

Roar Ambition have listed some of the key comparisons between successful sports stars and billionaire business owners:

  • Competition is a motivator – whether it’s the pressure of overcoming the skills of an opponent in the boxing ring or pushing attempts to innovate further than a competing tech company, competition can inspire greatness and assist any individual in their quest to reach new heights.
  • Sharpening skills – In order to grow or progress in their respective field, individuals must sharpen their skills constantly. This could be through physical training required, learning new skills or the entrepreneurial betterment found via mentorship to carry on cutting through the competition.
  • Push through obstacles – A common problem in sports can be sustaining a debilitating injury, while in business, a technical fault can cause lengthy and expensive set backs. These are common problems, but there should always be a drive to carry on regardless of how stressful the situation.

Roar Ambition supports aspiring entrepreneurs to become the very best through their business development programme. The firm teaches the young professionals the fundamentals of entrepreneurship through one to one mentorship, teaching contractors to overcome difficulties and how they can learn from failures to achieve future successes.

“We want to use examples of successful people outside of our industry, demonstrating applying the lessons implemented by real-life superstars like Mayweather and McGregor, your goals are within reach,” said a spokesman for Roar Ambition. “Mayweather is a particular inspiration having fought 50 title fights and remaining undefeated. We aspire to reach his level of success, having already established ourselves as the top performing firm in Merseyside and smashing company records every quarter.”

Roar Ambition is a direct sales and marketing agency based in Liverpool. The firm connects clients and consumers through their innovative face to face marketing strategies. Roar Ambition aspires to be market leaders in their field. The firm works closely with their clients to understand their goals to create bespoke direct marketing solutions that boast the highest guaranteed ROI.


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