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Roar Ambition responds to North West study on Employability

Roar Ambition responds to North West study on Employability

Liverpool-based acquisition specialists, Roar Ambition, has released a statement in light of reports by the Barclays LifeSkills programme that found individuals to significantly over-estimate their core employability abilities and skills.

Researchers found that professionals across the region are significantly overestimating their skills sets, resulting in potential skills gaps in coming years. Roar Ambition is keen to ensure that this is not the case, and is eager to continue to develop their coaching programme that provides their contractors with the skills and abilities that they need to succeed within the sector.

The study conducted this year surveyed upwards of 10,000 professionals aged 16 – 65, inclusive of 600 employers and 500 educators across the UK. Of those surveyed a staggering 57% failed to demonstrate the skills they needed to succeed within their chosen sector, a statistic that Roar Ambition was shocked to hear in light of the dedication to development they possess within their own business model.

Researchers continued to find that in the North West, the statistic rose to 59%, with skills gaps being evident in crucial areas such as leadership and creativity. Roar Ambition is proud to create industry leaders that can boast skills across a variety of critical areas, inclusive of those mentioned above. The firm is hopeful that other SME’s across the North West will heed this lesson now, in preparation for the future of the UK jobs market.

Roar Ambition believes that seven crucial employability skills that professionals from across all industries must work towards mastering are leadership, adaptability, creativity, communications, resilience and problem-solving.

‘These are the skills that will be difficult to be mastered by robotics in the coming years, and are areas where humans can excel – these are the key fields where we offer ongoing support, guidance and education amongst our workforce,’ declared a spokesperson for Roar Ambition.

Roar Ambition believes that ambition is the number one factor for success in business, understanding that individuals have to want more than they already have and are not be afraid to go for the bigger goals. Their business revolves around motivation and a determination to succeed.

Individuals wishing to discuss current opportunities with Roar Ambition can reach them via email on


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