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Roar Ambition to host a Yearly Recognition Celebration

Roar Ambition to host a Yearly Recognition Celebration

Liverpool’s most successful direct marketing specialists, Roar Ambition are set to host a celebration at the end of this month to recognise the achievements of their contractors.

The benefits of workplace celebrations extend far beyond the enjoyment of the event itself, which is why Liverpool-based sales and marketing firm Roar Ambition is hosting a Halloween spectacular at the end of the month. The celebration, organised by the firm’s Managing Director, will include a vast array of entertainment inclusive of dance acts, fire breathers, fireworks and a personal bartender.

The businessman is organising the Halloween event to celebrate the company culture and team ethos of Roar Ambition plus the recent success the firm has seen; in past weeks, Roar Ambition has continually been exceeding objectives and business goals. These recent accomplishments are setting the firm up for a prosperous future by creating a platform that the firm’s 2019 expansion can use as a springboard.

‘The benefits of our Halloween spectacular will continue long after the party has ended’ said the Managing Director of Roar Ambition. ‘Not only does the celebration provide an enjoyable break from regular work, but it also demonstrates appreciation which results in higher levels of morale and productivity. We work in a competitive and target driven environment with many of our contractors coming from a sporting background, which is why we use awards and recognition to help stimulate competition and drive productivity’ added the Managing Director.

While preparing for the Halloween spectacular, Roar Ambition has been identifying the type of benefits that they hope to achieve from this workplace celebration. Firstly, the firm has set a goal to boost company-wide morale through the feeling of appreciation that the event will spark. Secondly, Roar Ambition will recognise the achievements of selected individuals who have gone above and beyond average performance levels. This recognition will show that the Managing Director values the importance of hard work. Also, there is a goal to increase individual levels of motivation after the celebration from seeing the gratitude and appreciation of hard work. Those who weren’t recognised this time will want to improve their chances of being identified at future events, believes the firm. And lastly, celebrations of team accomplishments will contribute to team building, outlines Roar Ambition.

Roar Ambition is a direct sales and marketing agency that connects with consumers daily. By working closely with their clients to understand their brand direction and marketing needs, Roar Ambition create personalised campaigns to increase brand awareness, customer acquisition and brand loyalty.


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