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The UK’s Youngest Workers are Changing the Game States Roar Ambition

After research revealed that those under the age of 22 are expecting different things from the workplace, Roar Ambition has spoken on why it’s good for every industry to shake things up and adapt to new ideas.  

The study conducted by Bridgeworks studied 3,103 participants consisting of individuals from Generation Z and Millennials. The findings of the study revealed new insights into the work styles and ideals of the two generations. The study discovered that leadership could anticipate the arrival of generation edge and how they will shape the future workforce.  

The oldest cohort of generation edge have graduated from University and are now involved in their first full-time jobs. From the role of gender and the understanding of a good work life balance, generation edge typically tend to enter the workforce with hesitations and expectations that differ entirely from previous generations.   

The findings of the report revealed that 74 percent of “generation edgers” said they will struggle with in person communication while at work. 50 percent of females believed their gender identity will be an obstacle in their career path, whereas only 16 percent of generation edge males thought the same, generation edgers also wanted to see a rise in the number of females in leadership positions within the workplace.  

 Almost a third of all generation edgers said they are planning to stay at one company for 11 or more years. They defined success in their professional lives as creating an impact on society and taking a role within a company that stands up for social issues they care about and make a difference in the working world. Furthermore, when asked about their confidence in being a leader within five years at a company, 73 percent of males and 53 percent of females agreed this would be true  

 Roar Ambition believes that it is time for companies to step up and deliver on these expectations. The younger generations will need to be mentored and moulded into future leaders and young entrepreneurs. The firm feel that more businesses need to be dedicated when it comes to the personal growth and motivation of their young professionals. Its essential that companies offer business development opportunities to young entrepreneurs looking to broaden their professional horizons.  

 Roar Ambition offers unwavering support, motivation, and mentorship to all of their young professionals. Their programme is designed to help fast-track the success of individuals, providing them with the tools to become their own boss and take control of their futures.  

Roar ambition is already working hard towards offering these opportunities to the next generation of sales and marketing professionals. And their company structure is focused on progression and helping people learn leadership, while also offering workshops, mentoring and networking.  

A direct sales and marketing agency based in Liverpool, Roar Ambition connects with consumers on a daily basis. They work closely with clients to understand their needs, goals and together, with their ambitious “cubs”, they create personalised campaigns which reflect these needs and make them a reality. 


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